We Did It!

A huge thank you to all who donated. In just 3 short weeks we raised over $4k in our fundraiser to purchase a SnowDog for grooming winter trails for local riders. We are humbled by the outpouring of support by our areas awesome cycling community. We also want to thank Reggie and John at Emerald Builders for their generous 1% For The Planet donation of $500 to kick off our fundraising.

We expect to have the SnowDog and grooming accouterments in our happy little hands by early next week and will be ready to groom when it snows next. We have a 6+ person volunteer crew all signed up and ready to start grooming. You’ve never seen mountain bikers so excited about something other than a new bike or ripping singletrack.

At this writing we have approval to begin grooming the Neptune Woods trails on land and the new (yet to be named) singletrack trails in Topsham off of Thompson Road near the landfill. Thanks to the Brunswick Topsham Land Trust and Town of Topsham for their support and willingness to try something new and exciting on their managed lands.

Stay tuned to the website and social media for trail grooming updates!

Below is a video of a SnowDog in action from the company’s website: